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School Council

Who We Are

Our School Council is an elected group of children who get together and discuss things about our school. We are the voice of all the other children in our classes and it is our job to feedback their ideas and concerns to the Senior Leadership Team and Governors of the School.


What We Do

We are a good School Council because we listen to and represent the views of our class and we get things done. We learn how to present an argument and bring about change to improve the school.

Our trip to the House of Parliament

On Tuesday 4th of February, the school council and head boy and girl of Oakley Junior’s went on an excellent day trip to the Houses of Parliament in London. They got a tour and even managed to watch some MPs debating live in the House of Commons. They learnt the history of parliament and how the laws have changed over the years. Overall, they had an excellent trip and learnt a lot about the history of parliament.