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Advice for Grown Ups

Some useful information for grown ups:



  • be aware of your on-line reputation, which consists of information you post about yourself and information posted by others, and consider that when seeking employment, many prospective employers will use publicly available on-line information.  Remember, the internet never forgets!
  • keep passwords secret and protect access to accounts.
  • regularly review your privacy settings.
  • discuss expectations with friends – are you happy to be tagged in photos?
  • be aware that, increasingly individuals are being held to account in the courts for the things they say on social network sites.
  • keep personal phone numbers private.
  • keep a record of your phone’s unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, keep phones secure and report thefts to the police and mobile operator as soon as possible.
  • keep any evidence of an incident, for example not deleting text messages or emails and by taking a screen capture of material, including the URL or web addresses.



  • post information and photos about yourself publicly that you wouldn’t want employers or colleagues to see.
  • retaliate to any incident or inappropriate messages.