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David Sims - Local Authority Governor (Chairperson) – I have lived in Oakley for over 25 years and became a parent governor in November 1992. 4 years later on re-election, I became the local authority (non political) representative, and have remained in that position ever since. I am in the middle of my 7th term of office, and have been Chair since 2003, having been Vice Chair for a few years before that. I have three children, all who have attended our Junior school and gone on to do well in Cranbourne, and then local colleges. One has a masters in Maths and Stats and has taught in China; another has a degree in Education and is now a teacher in the Independent sector KS1; and my youngest is now a Senior Instructor with an Outdoor Pursuits Charity. I have worked in the public sector for over 40 years and am currently working for Hampshire County council. I am also a local Youth football referee ( 25+ years) , and attend St Leonards Church where I am one of the service leaders. I am interested and remain enthusiastic about all aspects of Education – including Spiritual, Moral, Academia ; Sporting, Drama and musical; and the social / relationship building in the playgrounds. I believe that one of our key roles is to prepare as much as possible our children for KS3.


Claire Rosevear - Co-opted Governor, (Vice Chair and Curriculum and Standards Chair) – Maths and English Link Governor – I have been a parent at the school since 2012, when the eldest of my three children started in Year 3, and I am in my third term as a governor . My role is heavily curriculum focused and I feel privileged to be able to see ‘behind the scenes’ and witness the staff’s hard work and dedication in this area. I have observed how the school is constantly pushing to improve and I am extremely proud to be a part of where we are now and where we are heading.


Sarah Hill - Headteacher


Janet Cullinane - Co-opted Governor, Resources Committee - I have been a Governor at several schools in the Basingstoke area for well over twenty years.  I am delighted an opportunity has arisen for me to make a contribution to my local community and become a member of the Governing Body at Oakley Church of England Junior School.  I have lived in the village for forty years and seen it grow considerably during that time.  I believe education is vital and that every child should have an opportunity to learn, be able to develop their own abilities and individual skills, and to grow into caring, confident and mature young adults.  Our children need to know that their school provides a safe, secure and most importantly happy environment in which they are able to develop friendships and a love of learning.  My background is in Information Science in Government Establishments and in the Public Sector, and, in later years in Business and Financial Management in Education.  I look forward to contributing and supporting the Senior Leadership Team at our local school. 


Allan Gillings – Co-opted Governor. –  I have lived in Oakley since 2019 after 25 years living in Basingstoke. I am married to Vanessa and we have 6 children and 11 grandchildren, one of whom attended Oakley Juniors. For most of my working life I was an accountant, starting in an engineering company then moving on to manage an electronics manufacturer.   Having decided to take early retirement, I soon became bored so went to an employment agency who sent me to BCoT as a temp. Never having worked in education it was a new experience for me.  After retiring for a second time I returned to BCoT as their Chaplain. I began to visit the Junior School last year as part of the ‘Open The Book’ team. When I heard about the vacancy for a governor I felt it touched my heart and I wondered if I could do something to support the staff and maybe inspire some of the children. I am looking forward to being part of the team.


Janet Green – Co-opted Governor - I moved to Oakley in 2021 to be close to children and grandchildren. I found a very welcoming community and as a 'newly retired' was interested in taking part in village life. In addition to bringing up three children I have worked in Finance, Education and been a director of a small company.  When I was made aware of the vacancy for School Governor I felt that it would be a good channel for my energies and an ideal opportunity to support the local school. As a 'Newbie' to the team I still have much to learn but hope that I will be able to make a useful contribution


Ian Page – Co-opted Governor - Born and educated in Dublin, Ireland, I studied Economics and Politics at University College Dublin before moving to London in 1985.  My professional background is within both the Print and Advertising industry and also the Defence sector.  I have owned and partnered in businesses until my retirement a few years ago. Prior to our move to Oakley in late 2022 I was a Local Authority Governor for 7 years at a Catholic Primary School in Surrey, of which the last 4 years were as Chair. I was keen to become involved in village life and believe that a school is at the heart of the community. I am very enthusiastic about joining Oakley C of E Junior School governing body and look forward to supporting the school and the teaching staff.


Richard Cripps – Foundation Governor - I have lived in Oakley since 2010, when we moved from West London.  My interest in Oakley Junior School goes back to 2009 when my eldest grandchild enrolled there. Four of 12 grandchildren have attended the School, two currently. I have also been a member of the weekly “Open the Book” team since 2014. I am a member of St Leonard’s Church. My first job was as a (Biochemistry) Laboratory Technician and I still have an interest in STEM subjects. However, my career path took me into 40 years in Social Work, experiencing both the statutory and voluntary sectors. I am now retired but retain a keen interest in the SEND agenda. My wife passed away in November 2021 after a long illness and I am now ready to take an active role in the community again.  An existing Governor suggested I consider joining the Governing Body and, being familiar with the School, I’m keen to contribute in whatever way I can to enable it to thrive, both as a place of educational excellence and as a key resource for Oakley.  


Rev Dr Ben Kautzer – Foundation Governor – I joined the Oakley Governing body in May 2019 when I took up my post as the Rector of Oakley with Wootton. In addition to my responsibilities on the board of governors, I play an active role in the religious education and collective worship at the Junior school, as well as supporting the social, mental and spiritual well-being of the school community. I am passionate about seeing our young people grow in knowledge, wisdom, character and compassion and it is an amazing privilege to serve in a school filled with such inspiring students and staff. I have two sons, one in the Oakley Infant School and the other in a local nursery. Prior to ordination as a minister in the Church of England, I pursued an academic career in religious higher education


Amy Semple – Staff Governor, Curriculum and Standards Committee – I joined the Governing body in March 2022 and I am excited to work with the other Governors to make a difference to the school. I have been teaching at Oakley C of E Junior School since 2017. I currently teach Year 6 as well as co-ordinating Computing, DT and English across the school. I look forward to using my experiences and knowledge as a teacher at Oakley Junior school to continue on our journey of improvement and development for the benefit of our pupils. 


Alison Parker – Parent Governor - I moved to Oakley in 2016 with my husband and our eldest son. I now have two sons, my youngest attends Oakley Infant School and my eldest is currently attending Oakley Juniors.  After completing a diploma in nursery nursingI went on to gain a teaching degree. I taught in a primary school in Shepherd’s Bush before moving to Basingstoke to teach at a school for pupils with severe learning difficultiesI stayed there for 10 years before choosing to take some time off to be with my children.

After working in education for 15 years I am aware of the mounting pressure that is placed on schools and their staff.  I have been lucky enough to join as a parent governor at Oakley Junior School where I will hopefully be able to contribute using my prior knowledge as a teacher and be a part of supporting the school in its growth.


Kate Tudor – Parent Governor - I’ve joined the school governing board to have the opportunity to make a difference, not only for my child, but for children in years to come.  We moved to the village in February 2020 (just before Covid broke out), whereby my eldest daughter started at Oakley Juniors (midway) in Year 3 and progressed confidently. She has now left the school with positive memories and equipped with knowledge ready for her next phase of secondary education. Now, my youngest is beginning a similar passage through Junior school.  I believe all the children should benefit from a good day-to-day experience at school to achieve their full academic potential. I offer several key attributes which will assist in the role, including commitment, collaboration, along with creative, curious, and challenging thinking.  Further, I have work experience in business development, strategy, planning and evaluation with budgetary accountability.  Above all, I am dedicated, enthusiastic and thankful to be one of your Parent Governors.”