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Reading is Central to Every Child's Learning

Oakley CE Junior School believes that reading is central to a child’s understanding of the school curriculum and is of vital importance in life. Fluent readers can access a full range of life experiences and can enjoy an amazing breadth of genres and writers.


At Oakley CE Junior, we aim to develop a love and appreciation of reading which will stay with children for life. We hope to achieve this through careful planning and teaching using up-to-date strategies. We aim to use good reading materials and resources within Literacy lessons and Guided Reading sessions and to provide a breadth and range of reading material in school.


Project X Code from Oxford Owl is the phonics scheme used at Oakley CE Junior School. 



It is our aim to allow children the opportunity:

To experience reading in a variety of situations so that it becomes a pleasurable & productive experience.

To access a wide range of print materials, including all genres of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays & pupils own writing.

  • To progress to becoming selective in their choice of reading materials.
  • To be knowledgeable about the purpose and organisation of books.
  • To nurture a love of reading.
  • To learn to read through a variety of methods.
  • To read to themselves or to others (peers and adults)
  • To read to a variety of audiences and to hear adults and children read to them.
  • To read regularly and to develop a respect for books.
  • To receive reading provision and support appropriate to individual ability.
  • To become aware of the link between reading and writing.
  • To use ICT to further the development and love of reading.

Reading lists can be viewed in the Year Group tab.