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School Values

Great expectations for all through courage, respect and grace



Like Daniel who prays to God despite the risk of being thrown into the lion’s den, at Oakley we have the courage to commit to what is right and true and not give in to discouragement.  This applies to our moral values as well as our learning.  We have high expectations of ourselves and each other and we strive to achieve our best every day for the good of our school and our wider community.


As in the parable of the Good Samaritan, we treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves meaning that we respect ourselves as well as each other.  We actively celebrate the differences in our school and the wider community and recognise the value in each and every one of us.


Jesus calmed the storm when his disciples were worried.  At Oakley, we calm each other’s storms through generosity and kindness.  We care for each other so that school is a place of safety and grace for us all.  We then take this grace into the wider community through acts of kindness.