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Year 5

May 2022


This short half term has been filled with fantastic learning! We started this half term with a brilliant school trip to Marwell Zoo where the children experienced what it would be like in the Amazon Rainforest with a workshop in the tropical house. They explored why rainforests are situated in particular parts of the world and learnt some fun facts about the animals that live there.


As mathematicians, we have been consolidating our previous learning on rounding and decimals. We applied these to word problems involving money and other real-life contexts. Using recipes and lists of ingredients, we practised scaling. We had to make sure we used the same proportions of each ingredient. Later in the half term, we looked at scales used in real life and how to calculate the intervals which would help us give an accurate reading. Finally, we recapped our knowledge of fractions with the additional skill of multiplying fractions by whole numbers.


During English, we have been reading the book ‘Journey to the River Sea’ by Eva Ibbotson set in 1910 about a little, English girl called Maia who was sent to the Amazon rainforest to be with her long-lost relatives. The children have enjoyed analysing Maia’s character and the mixed feelings she was experiencing during her journey. We used this knowledge to compose a diary entry from the perspective of Maia. To end this unit, the children were tasked with continuing one of the chapters where Maia leaves the safety of her house and ventures through the Amazon Rainforest to be reunited with her friend Clovis. The children have worked hard to include a range of descriptive features using their experience of the Tropical house at Marwell to help paint a picture in the reader’s mind.


In Geography, we have looked at the continent of south America and in particular, explored the country of Brazil where the rainforest lies. Children have explored the weather and climate as well as the physical features; they have used an atlas to extract this information. They ended the unit by looking at the layers of the rainforest and the magnificent creatures that can be found there.


In computing, the children have looked at the components of an effective website and thought about what they would need to include in their own to make it user friendly and accessible. They have chosen a rainforest friendly product to promote on their website and have begun designing this website on a website-creator called Every week, the children have been practising their typing skills and improving their accuracy and typing speed.


In art, we began by looking at Brazilian carnivals and the costumes that are worn. We used this research to create our own mood board to give us inspiration. Later, we used these to design and make our own vibrant carnival masks that demonstrated the animals, life and colours of Brazil using a range of materials.


In DT, we have been learning about environmentally friendly packaging and have used moulds to make our own packaging using moulded pulp. After half term, we will create a bath bomb using our market research.


In PE, the children have enjoyed improving their throwing and catching skills and applied this in the game of rounders. They have had to work together to understand the rules of the game so that they can effectively play and win! Also with the improving weather, the children have practised the skills needed for field and track athletics.  In our final week, the children have enjoyed their fitness session with the Army including fitness exercises and an obstacle course.


Spellings will be set on a Friday and tested the following Friday. Spellings can be viewed on the weekly posts on the Year 5 forum via our Home Learning platform. 

Printed versions will not be sent home (please speak to us if this is an issue).  


Maths homework will be set on a Wednesday and due in the following Wednesday. Some weeks, MyMaths will be set whereas other weeks, more suitable paper homework will be handed out. 

English homework will be set on a Friday and due in the following Friday. 

All homework can be found on the weekly posts on the Year 5 forum via our Home Learning platform. 

Children will be tested on their times tables every Friday. These 'minute maths' times table strips can also be found on the weekly posts on the Year 5 forum via our Home Learning platform. Times tables are important for all areas of Maths so please practise regularly at home using 


The children should know their logins as they are in their blue spelling books.


Our PE day is now on a Wednesday, however children are required to bring their PE kit to school on a Monday and leave it in school until Friday. This allows us some flexibility if weather is poor and allows children to use their PE kits for clubs if necessary.


If you have any questions, please speak to us at the door or email the school office. 



Miss Richards, Mrs Scott and Mrs Hill



If you have any questions, please speak to us at the door or email the school office.  



Miss Richards, Mrs Scott and Mrs Hill