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Year 6

April 2022

Year 6 have been at their diligent and resilient best this term! With a little over four months until their time at Oakley Juniors ends, they are now more than ever ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Their collective independence, spirit of enquiry and maturity means that they have nothing to worry about; the world is theirs and is there to be grabbed with both hands!

In Maths, the children have been tackling a number of key Year 6 objectives, notably volume, algebra, ratio and proportion, and converting between units of measurement. We have also been giving the children many regular opportunities to reason their mathematical understanding, and to apply their mathematical fluency to solve multi-step maths problems. In preparation for their SAT tests in May, the children have been taking greater ownership of their learning, identifying areas of the curriculum that they need to consolidate and deepen their understanding. It has been incredible to see how mature and motivated they have been! In English, our focus shifted to Shakespeare’s classic tale of greed and betrayal, Macbeth. The children have been writing descriptive settings of the Scottish heath where Macbeth and Banquo, upon returning from battle, met the three witches whom prophesised Macbeth’s rise to the throne. After this, they worked hard to create formal character profiles for the two leading characters, Lord Macbeth and his scheming wife, Lady Macbeth. The children have continued to take risks with their word choices and sentence structures, and are conjuring up vivid imagery, hooking the reader into their original compositions.

Our topic this term has been Ancient Greece. The children have been learning lots about this highly influential civilisation: from comparing the Greek City States, to making historical hypotheses by studying primary and secondary sources of evidence, to evaluating the military tactic of the Athenians and the Spartans at the Battle of Marathon. The topic was wrapped up with a highly enjoyable ‘Ancient Greek Day’, where the children had the chance to act out classic Aesop fables, learn a traditional Greek dance and sample a host of authentic Greek dishes at our closing banquet.  Meanwhile, in R.E, the children have been reflecting on the importance to Christians around the world of Jesus’ resurrection, while in PSHE, the children have been reflecting on their imminent transition to secondary school. They have been keeping reflection diaries to record their individual hopes, worries and any questions that they might have. By cultivating a positive ‘self-talk’, we are extremely confident that the children already have the tools and requisite learning dispositions they will need come September!

This term, we have continued with our Cool Learning programme. During these sessions, the children have been working independently to complete a range of set tasks from across the curriculum. Where appropriate, the children have been able to use the laptops and iPads, to support them in either researching or presenting their work. Year 6 are excelling with this style of learning and continue to show us how resilient and resourceful they can be.

Finally, over the course of another exceptionally busy half term, the children have been enjoying their circuit training sessions in P.E lessons. We have also been very proud of lots of our Year 6 pupils who have represented the school this year in a range of sports, from tag rugby and cross-country to football and netball.

Thinking ahead to the next Summer Term, spellings will be continue to be set on a Friday and tested the following Friday. Spellings can be viewed on the Home Learning Platform:   

Maths, reading and SPAG homework will also continue to be set on a Friday and will be due in on the following Friday. In addition to this homework, we will continue to set tasks to be completed on MyMaths. Please speak to us if you need another copy of your child’s log in details.  

Rapid recall of times tables, and associated division facts, remain an essential part of maths in Year 6 – especially with the bias toward fraction/decimal and percentage centred learning objectives in the Year 6 curriculum. Please support your child to retain this skill. The children have a weekly opportunity to log on to the Times Table Rock Stars website to perfect these rapid recall skills, and additional exposure at home will only go to advance these essential maths skills.    

As always, should you have any questions, please speak to us, either at the door or by emailing the school office.   

Many thanks for your continued support. 

Mr Burge and Mrs Podevin