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Our Prayer Space

Once a term, we hold a week long Prayer Space within our library area. This is a wonderful way to raise the spiritual and reflective side of our school for the children, staff and parents within it.


The school works closely with a team from St Leonard’s Church to design and create the Prayer Spaces thereby strengthening the link between the Church, the Community and the School. We have experienced the positive impact that a week-long prayer space has on the spiritual and pastoral life of the whole community.

Within the Prayer Space, the team design a range of activities that encourage reflection, thankfulness, prayer and spirituality among others. The Prayer Spaces have been positively received by children, parents and staff alike as demonstrated by these pupil’s words:


“I feel happy when I am in there because it is peaceful and I can be alone and away from the hectic world.”


“My favourite bit was the sorry playdough because I could say sorry for what I had done and when I said sorry and destroyed it, I felt like it all went away and I felt better.”


“I think it’s really good because there are lots of fun activities, but it also helps you to think about God and other people.”


“I really loved feeling relaxed and calm and close to God.”