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Visitors to our School 

Welcome to Oakley CE Junior School.  We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all pupils, staff and visitors, therefore all visitors must follow the following guidance when visiting the school.  


Health and Safety

Everyone is responsible for taking reasonable care of their own health and safety and that of others, by what they do, r not do.  All accidents or near misses must be reported. 


If you feel unwell please do not visit the school.  Please contact the school office to re-arrange you visit.  


On Arrival and Leaving

Please sign in at Reception and collect a visitor's badge which should be worn at all times.  Please sign out when you leave and return your visitor's badge. 

Smoking, consuming alcohol or any illegal substances is prohibited at all times. 

When on the school site, please stay within the areas that are necessary for your visit. 

Parking is available off-site, however please show courtesy residents at all times.  (Disabled parking is available, please contact the school office).


Keeping Children Safe 

The school is committed to safeguarding children and expects all visitors to share this commitment.  

You should avoid being left along with a child.  If you have any concerns about any child, please refer immediately to the Head or Deputy Headteacher.  

All physical contact should be avoided, if a situation arises where a child's behaviour endangers his / her safety or that of others, see immediate assistance. 


Interactions with pupils 

Where your role requires that you interact with pupils or you are attending school on Local Authority / Partnership / Agency working you must ;

Present you photo ID

Relevant check may be made depending on your visit.  If a DBS certificate is required you r information wil;l be taken and stored on our Single Central Register for any future visits. 

Wear you ID badge so they are visible at all times. 


Mobile Phones, camera, etc

Do not use our mobile phone in the presence of pupils.  Do not leave unattended. 

School ICT equipment is not to be used by visitors until you are approved to do so.

Taking photos or recording videos is not permitted unless consent has been sought for the relevant school activity.   


Fire Safety

Please familiarise yourself with the fire exits.  On discovering a fire, sound the fire alarm by activating one of the many call points throughout the school building.  Exit the building and call the fire brigade.  

On hearing the fire alarm (continuous ringing), evacuate the building via the nearest safest exit and process to the assembly point on the large playground.  Report to the Evacuation Manager (Headteacher or representative) and do not return to the building until you are instructed that you may do so. 



Please ensure that anything you may see or hear in school remains confidential. 


First Aid

If you require first aid please go to the school office or speak to member of staff. 


Defibrillator Location

A defibrillator is located in the school entrance.  An additinal defibrillator can also be found on the external wall of the Infant School.



Information for Disabled Visitors

Disabled Parking - The school has one disabled bay which is located in the staff carpark.    Access to the main reception is clearly marked. We have a dropped kerb, ramp with hand rail. 

Hearing Loop - We have a portable hearing loop. If you are visiting the school and will need to have access to a hearing loop, please let us know.

Toilets - There is one toilet in the school located on the ground floor.

Access to the site - All areas of the site are easily accessible.  The building is all ground floor. 

Information for visitors and parents - If you require information in a specific colour or larger font size, please let us know. 

Fire Evacuation - If you have any special needs please inform reception upon arrival. We can then ensure that appropriate assistance is in place for the duration of your visit. We are constantly seeking to improve the information we give you. If you feel we have missed anything, please let us know.